• 1. Pori Beach - 4 km
  • 2. Abelakia Beach - 5 km
  • 3. Plytras beach - 33 km
  • 4. Elafonisos - Simos beach - 35 km
  • 5. Kastraki Beach - 9 km
  • 6. Vlychada Beach - 40 km
  • 7. Kakkavos Beach - 500 m
  • 1. Church of Agia Sofia
  • 2. Kastanias Cave
  • 3. Gerakas Port
  • 4. Monemvasia Lighthouse
Restaurant - Taverns
  • 1. O Takis - Tavern
  • 2. Matoula Restaurant
  • 3. Aθivoli
  • 4. Tartaruga Di Mare

Ideal location in Monemvasia

This small hotel in Monemvasia is situated 120 m from the sea. Each apartment has a balcony overlooking the water and the rock of Monemvasia.

Elaphonisos and the Castle of Mystras are located less than 40 km from Monemvasia.

Useful distances

Monemvasia Beach 400 m
Castle of Mystras 40 km
Elafonisos 40 km
Athens 300 km

Located on the southeastern side of Peloponnese, Monemvasia Greece was entirely carved on the backside of a sea rock in Medieval times. This huge sea rock is not visible from the mainland so that the locals could avoid enemy attacks. The only way to reach Monemvasia was by boat, while later on a paved pathway was constructed to connect the castle entrance to the mainland. This is how the name came out, meaning a single passage. A new town has been constructed in the mainland, just opposite the rock. A walk around the Castle Town is a travel to the past, while the sea view from the castle top is breathtaking.


Elafonisos captivates anyone who visits it. No matter how many times you visit, there will always be something new to discover. The only island of Laconia, 500 meters from the opposite coast, is one of the few islands that can be reached by car.

Elafonisos is an ideal destination for nature lovers with rare flora and fauna. Tall dunes and rare sea cedrus decorate all the beaches of the island. Sunbathe and swim in the twin beaches of Simos and Sarakiniko that are among the best in the Mediterranean.Discover the secrets that lie in the other beaches of the island, each with its own beauty and uniqueness. At Panagia you can enjoy an idyllic sunset as the sun sets between its islands.